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9979 ACU:  3-Day Digital Camo Stretch Backpack

Love this Backpack !!

Before I got this backpack for all my school books, none that I had lasted more than a month, and I went through at least 4 of them ! Either a strap would break or tear because it was not sewn in well, or the 40# weight of the bag was too much for the straps to hold. The routine backpack is just not made to carry 4-5 books that weigh 8-10# each. Well, this Code Alpha bag is great. It is sturdy, it is comfortable on my back, and it is huge; it holds everything and then some. I am very pleased with this bag. From now on I am going to go with Code Alpha products whenever I can. My stretch backpack is so sturdy, it will never wear out !

Taylor M.,  Jacksonville, Florida

July, 2008

9968 ACU:  Code Alpha MOLLE System Laptop Attache

The Best Bag Ever !

This is the best laptop case ever. Many removable/ movable pockets, Extra padding or the laptop and lots of storage space. 
Steve S,, Aurora, Ohio
August, 2008 


8615-ACU,  ACU and ABU Digital Camo Day Planner


He Loved His Order:


Dear Don,

Thank you for the speedy reply, I have had numerous cohorts inquiring in to the fate of the planners. They will be happy to hear your decision.

I would have to also say it has been a pleasure doing business with you and your customer service has been exemplary and I will keep your company in mind for future needs.

Take care, and stay sharp.

JF, US Army

February, 2009

9933-ACU: Code Alpha US Army ACU Digital Camo Wheeled Deployment Bag

9907-ACU: Code Alpha ACU and ABU Digital Camo Hanging Sahve Utility Kit


A Customer Referred By Another Customer:


Thank you very much for the update and I am looking forward to getting the bags.  A friend of mine turned me on to your business, CPT JC, after we inquired about his bags.  He swears by them.  Thanks again for the update.


July, 2009

9933-ACU: Code Alpha US Army ACU Digital Camo Wheeled Deployment Bag


A Serviceman Getting Ready to be Deployed:


You have been very helpful. I appreciate you keeping me up-to-date and promptly responding to my inquiries.  Customer service is a great thing and usually not present, so again, thank you very much for your help during this stressful pre-deployment phase of which I am  currently cycling.

George N., Virginia
July, 2009

3305: Carry-On Sport Locker Bag


A Happy Customer

I have been traveling for business for over 35 years; some years it has been over 300 nights and to over 130 countries.  Needless to say, I have gone through a lot of luggage and dealt with many companies.  Never have I dealt with a company with such superior customer service and high quality, durable products.  Not only do I recommend them to all of my friends but I continue to order from them but also use them as a source of high quality gifts for all occasions. 

Fred R., Spokane, Washington

September, 2009

8001: Rolling Duffle Bag


What he said when his bags that he had ordered arrived,....

WOW!  They are awesome.  So much better than I would have thought!  Give everyone there my thanks and let them know that all of my friends, even if they did not go to Minnesota, will be getting a recommendation from me.  I can’t wait to see what else I can order!

Fred R., Spokane, Washington

September, 2009


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