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19" Upright With Wheel System19" Upright With Wheel SystemThis is a first class appearing rolling overnight travel case, with room for your clothes, toiletries and grooming equipment, and business papers, all in one bag. Luggage is kept to a minimum, and travel headaches are minimized.
20" Upright With Computer Compartment20" Upright With Computer CompartmentWant a sturdy carry on computer bag with plenty of storage room for your files and computer accessories. Here it is, with inline skate wheels for easy travel.
20" Upright with Computer Compartment20" Upright with Computer CompartmentA great way to carry your computer, accessories, and all your files for projects you are working on. You can carry a large load without risking injury to your back. The inline skate wheels give your valuable cargo a smooth rolling ride, almost completely bump free, and your back is home free !
22" Upright With Wheel System22" Upright With Wheel SystemAll the features of the smaller 19" upright but just with more room for packing additional personals or for a longer stay. Just as easy to roll, it is a pleasure using these rolling pieces
26" Upright With Wheel System26" Upright With Wheel SystemThe largest in this series of rolling luggage, there is enough packing room for two people for a long weekend. This is a classy bag, it is functional, and it is easy to transport, just let the wheels do the walking!
ACU and ABU Camo Drawstring BackpackACU and ABU Camo Drawstring BackpackHere is a handy little drawstring backpack, easy to carry around and made of the sturdy denier polyester material that makes all the Code Alpha products last forever. Just throw everything in it, for work or play, and you are ready to go!
ACU and ABU Camo Laptop Computer BackpackACU and ABU Camo Laptop Computer BackpackWhat a great computer backpack. Thsi is a well padded, very sturdy, versatile item, originally made for the military only but is now available to everyone. Very comfortable and very practical, your laptop is ultimately safe in this backpack. Nothing can hurt your laptop when carried in this bag!
ACU and ABU Digital Camo 3-Day Stretch BackpackACU and ABU Digital Camo 3-Day Stretch BackpackThis is a sturdy, comfortable to wear, top of the line, large expandable backpack which should never need replacing. Very versatile, it will carry everything you will need for school, short trip or even your business. One of our most popular bags, you will never want to leave home without it!
ACU and ABU Digital Camo Business Card Holder with Pad and PenACU and ABU Digital Camo Business Card Holder with Pad and PenHere is an attractive way to advertise your business, a sporty, aesthetic appearing card holder with a matching pad and pen
ACU and ABU Digital Camo Day PlannerACU and ABU Digital Camo Day PlannerTime management is key to an efficient day, and this easy to carry, attractive digital camo Day Planner will help you maximize not just how well you spend your working hours but how much personal play time you have as well. What a great accessory to have to help keep your busy schedule organized, for short and long term planning. Never leave home without it!
ACU and ABU Digital Camo Junior PadfolioACU and ABU Digital Camo Junior PadfolioHere is a very handy padfolio to have with you when needing to jot down notes about a project or to do small amounts of writing in general when you are on the run and do not have time to sit and write at a desk or table. Its downsized version of a standard sized writing pad make taking notes comfortable and easy to carry this with you all the time.
ACU and ABU Digital Camo Small Day PlannerACU and ABU Digital Camo Small Day PlannerHere is a real sporty, pocket sized, easy to carry, attractive digital camo day planner that will help you manage your time while on the go. It is easy to carry, so you can add or tweak your active schedule in real time and always be current. What a great accessory to have, for both work and play! Never leave home without it!
ACU and ABU Digital Camo Zippered PadfolioACU and ABU Digital Camo Zippered PadfolioHere is a sporty, durable cover for your writing pad. Easy to write on while the pad is sitting in the inner compartment, there is plenty of room for a 12-month calendar, a daily planner, and your pens and pencils. Very versatile, this is an invaluable tool to keep all your writing essentials and a calendar all together.
ACU Digital Camo Garment BagACU Digital Camo Garment BagA great bag to protect your uniforms and shirts and to keep them wrinkle free while you travel. Between the main compartment and the multiple storage pockets, it is amazing how much this bag can actually hold. And, it is so sturdy, it will last forever!
ACU Digital Camo Garment CoverACU Digital Camo Garment CoverMade of sturdy material, this garment cover will protect your shirts, suits, and uniforms. Don't travel without it!
ACU Digital Camo Walking Wallet with Pad and ACU PenACU Digital Camo Walking Wallet with Pad and ACU PenHere is a nice sporty accessory that matches multiple other pieces in the Camo digital category and which will be used over and over again whether you are on business or pleasure.
ACU Laptop AttacheACU Laptop AttacheWant to be sure your laptop is safe when it travels with you, this is the attache for you! It can fit nearly every laptop computer on the market, and its padded compartment protects your possession really well. The attache also allows you to carry files with you in the easy to organize storage compartments. Very comfortable to carry, very sporty to see, and very durable on the wear and tear.
ACU MOLLE BackpackACU MOLLE BackpackThis is a great way to carry all your important gear and books for the day. The backpack is spacious, so that you can carry everything you need. It is sturdy and can hold a lot of weight without fear of the straps tearing, and the padding of the shoulder straps makes carrying this backpack for extended periods of time very comfortable. And don't worry about accessories; with all the extra pouches you can easily keep everything separate and in its place!
Army Digital Wheeled Laptop BackpackArmy Digital Wheeled Laptop BackpackThis is really a rolling computer carrying case and backpack combined into one piece. Well designed, there is ample room not only for the laptop computer in its own padded compartment, there are also multiple compartments to carry important papers, files, and writing and computer accessories. This is a veritable "hands free" rolling office!
B-4 Garment BagB-4 Garment Bag
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