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Code Alpha TAC Pack, 3-day, 100 Ounce Hydration BackpackCode Alpha TAC Pack, 3-day, 100 Ounce Hydration BackpackA great piece to have on long treks, be it on foot or bike, to keep up your hydration. The pack also has multiple pockets, which will allow you to accessorize yourself as much as you need for the occasion at hand!
Code Alpha Tactical Patrol BagCode Alpha Tactical Patrol BagHere is a heavy duty bag that is nearly indestructible; it should last forever! There are multiple pockets to carry a whole variety of accessories to your main item. This bag is so versatile, you will want to use it for everything it is as simple as that. It goes where you go. No wonder it is so popular!
Code Alpha US Army ACU Digital Camo Duffle-BackpackCode Alpha US Army ACU Digital Camo Duffle-BackpackHere is a very versatile piece, a combination backpack and duffle. Very flexible, and depending upon what your plans are, this bag can go anywhere. And you can carry it as a duffle bag or a backpack, your choice!
Code Alpha US Army ACU Digital Camo Wheeled Deployment BagCode Alpha US Army ACU Digital Camo Wheeled Deployment BagThis is a heavy duty bag with a heavy duty wheel system to match that will allow you to transport all sorts of heavy equipment items with easy in a great looking camo bag. This bag is user friendly for the airline industry and meets their requirements
Digital Camo 3-Day Hydration PackDigital Camo 3-Day Hydration PackA great backpack to have with long term exertional activities or endurance sports, especially on hot, humid days when becoming dehydrated is a real possibliity. This backpack is very comfortable to wear, and it can hold more than 3 quarts of fluid, enough to last all day. Easy to fill, easy to care for, cool, refreshing water is just a sip away. Never go thirsty again!
Digital Camo ACU MOLLE Butt PackDigital Camo ACU MOLLE Butt PackA very versatile sporty fannie pack, with many interior compartments and a speical feature of 2 detachable end sections
Rip Stop and Ballistic Nylon BackpackRip Stop and Ballistic Nylon BackpackHere is a sturdy, spacious backpack that makes carrying your CD or DVD player easy and safe, and you can listen to your CD player while you are porting your backpack. And there is room for accessories as well. You will never have to worry about your CD's or DVD's leaving the house, so long as you pack them in a bag like this!
US Army ACU Camo Luggage Marker and ID TagUS Army ACU Camo Luggage Marker and ID TagHere is a great luggage tag, colorful orange on one side and camo on the other, light reflective and with lots of room for a name and address. This is a brand new item to the Code Alpha inventory, but it is spectacular and has been wildly popular since joining Code Alpha. Not only is it artistic and colorful; this tag is also a safety marker and belongs on every one of your travel bags, your workout duffles, attaches, and purses. One just is not enough.
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